Estrogen GWAS 2018

GWAS Results of Circulating Estadiol(E2) and Estrone(E1) Levels


This release comprised the summary data from the 2018 GWAS on Estradiol and Estrone in up to 11,097 men of European origin from nine epidemiological cohorts. Analyses were performed based on the HapMap imputation panel. Models included age and BMI as covariates. In total 2,801,938 SNPs for Estradiol and 2,683,955 SNPs for Estrone on chromosome 1-22 and X were present with MAF > 5% and imputation quality (Rsqr) > 0.3.

Data file description

Each file contains the following information:

Descriptive rsID for each SNP Effect allele Other allele Effect allele frequency Beta estimate in pg/mL Standard error for Effect P-value from inverse variance weighted fixed effect meta analysis


Eriksson et al. Genetic determinants of circulating estrogen levels, and evidence of a causal effect of estradiol on bone density in men. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2018;103(3):991–1004

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