UKBB eBMD GWAS Data Release 2017

The GEnetic Factors for OSteoporosis (GEFOS) Consortium is a large international collaboration comprising numerous research groups. Osteoporosis is a common age-related complex disease with a strong genetic component. The UK Biobank is a health resource from the United Kingdom that has genetic data and phenotype measurements in 500,000 individuals, representative of the general population. We analyzed the first batch of genetic data, including genotyping and imputed data on approximately 150,000 participants. We performed a genome-wide association study on bone mineral density estimated from quantitative heel ultrasounds (eBMD).


This release comprises the summary data from our 2017 GWAS of eBMD in the first batch of genetic data from the UK Biobank. Analyses were performed based on the UK10K/1000G combined imputation panel (hg19) including ~17,000,000 SNPs with MAF≥0.001 and acceptable imputation quality.

Data file description

Each file contains the following information:

Descriptive ID for each SNP rs ID for each SNP Chromosome Position (hg19) Effect allele Non-effect allele Effect allele frequency Imputation quality score Effect estimate Standard error of the effect estimate P-value Sample size


Kemp, Morris, Medina-Gomez, et al. Nature Genetics 2017.

Terms of Use

We require appropriate attribution for use of data in a product, service, or publication by citing the article generating this set of results (Kemp et al, Nature Genetics 2017) and acknowledging its use.


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