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The GEnetic Factors for OSteoporosis (GEFOS) Consortium is a large international collaboration comprising numerous research groups. Osteoporosis is a common age-related complex disease with a strong genetic component. Previous investigations have proved that peak bone mass is an strong determinant of osteoporotic fractures and, therefore, studies of musculoskeletal development in pediatric and adolescent populations is key to the understanding of osteoporosis etiology. Different efforts within the Consortium have and are currently focus in disentangling the genetic architecture of musculoskeletal traits. The bivariate GWAS meta-analysis of musculoskeletal traits in pediatric populations project used meta-analysis GWAS summary statistics from four different pediatric cohorts: ALSPAC, Generation R, COPSAC and BMDCS. Both Total body less head BMD (TBLH-BMD) and lean mass (TB-LM), adjusted for age, sex, height, fat mass percent and ancestry informative principal components, were meta-analyzed univariately and combined in a bivariate meta-analysis.


This release comprises the summary data from our 2017 bivariate GWAS meta-analysis of musculoskeletal traits in pediatric populations. Analyses were done based on HapMap imputed data (hg18, build 36) including ~2,300,000 SNPs with MAF≥0.05 and acceptable imputation quality.

Data file description

Each file contains the following information:

Chromosome Chromosome Position (b36) RS Number Effect Allele Other Allele [Non effect allele] Effect Alelle Frequency Beta TBLH BMD SE TBLH BMD P Value TBLH-BMD Beta TB-LM SE TB-LM P Value TB-LM Beta TB-LM SE TB-LM P TB-LM P Value Bivariate Sample Size


Medina-Gomez et al. . Nature Communications 2017.

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