Fracture GWAS 2018 Release


This release comprised the summary data from our 2018 Fracture GWAS. A total of 25 cohorts with genome wide genotyping and fracture data were recruited globally through the GEnetic Factors for OSteoporosis consortium (GEFOS) comprising in total 37,857 cases and 227,116 controls. The cohorts were predominantly of European descent and from Europe (n=15, North America (n=8, Australia (n=1), and east Asia (n=1). Analyses were performed based on the HapMap imputation panel and all positions were lifted to hg19. In total of 2,539,801 autosomal SNPs present in more than two studies with MAF > 5% and acceptable imputation quality (Rsqr > 0.4) were meta-analysed.

Data file description

Result Files include the following variables:

rsnumber coded allele noncoded allele Frequency of Allele 1 beta estimate SE(Beta) p-value from inverse-variance meta-analysis


Trajanoska et al. Assessment of the genetic and clinical determinants of fracture risk: genome wide association and mendelian randomisation study. BMJ 2018.

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