GEFOS Lifecourse TB-BMD GWAS Results

All the analysis publicly shared are based on DXA derived TB-BMD as described in Medina-Gomez et al. AJHG January, 2018.

Regional plots from all GWS in the different analyses are also available in the "PLOTS-GWS regions" archive

Please read the supplementary material for information in individuals and cohort study included in each of the files

Filters included: presence in at least two participant studies and MAF 0.5% per cent in these studies


Meta analysis results files, in text (METAL) format

Data file description

Result Files include the following variables:

chr:pos coded allele noncoded allele Frequency of Allele 1 beta estimate SE(Beta) p-value from inverse-variance meta-analysis I2 heterogeneity statistic heterogeneity p-value per manalyzed marked


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